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Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Newcastle Painting Services not only have Painters in Newcastle to service your every need, we specialise in repairs caused by floods, storms, mould and the like. We are your one stop painting and repair shop too.

Professional water damage repair

With summer storms and humid conditions, water damage can wreak havoc on the paintwork and structure of your home. When it comes to water damage, you don’t want a band-aid solution, you want a comprehensive repair service from a qualified professional, taking into account the root cause of the problem.

As Novocastrian’s we have many years of experience in dealing with flood and storm damages in the region, and the team at Newcastle Painting Services are experts in water damage repair. We work to identify the underlying cause of the damage. We have a carpenter and plasterers on hand to help repair any structural damage, and can utilise specialised products to help prevent further water damage and mould growth. We don’t just make your home look new again, we help you keep it that way.

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